4 Part Disharmony

This year, I’ll be performing at the Norman Medieval Faire for the last time. I know, I know. But hold your tears, because I’m going out on a high note!

Instead of being involved in human chess as I’ve been the last three years, this year I’ve helped put together a 4-man (plus one bard) show involving INCREDIBLE MANLINESS (and terrible singing). If you’re a fan of bad humour, worse singing and guys swinging big bits of metal at each other then you’ll be in for an entertaining time.

We perform four times a day – 10:00, 12:15, 2:30 and 4:45 – on the Unicorn Stage. Because what other stage would be suited for our incredible manliness?

There’s a ton of great other entertainment – and it’s all free. So go. The Faire is April 5-7, more information at http://www.medievalfair.org

If you go to a show, come say hi afterwards!


Dragon*Con bound!

I am currently in preparation for my second year visiting Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA.  I’ll be wandering the floors in a variety of different costumes, so keep an eye peeled and feel free to stop me and say hi!